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Mi Polin
Bronze Mezuzah

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Cast bronze Mezuzah. From a Judiaca project in Poland called "Mezuzah From This Home".  Helena Czernek and Alesksander Prugar seek out remnants of Mezuzot on doorposts throughout the country, take impressions and from them cast new Mezuzot in bronze.  Each one recalls the memory of some of the 3.5 million Jews that lived in Poland before WWII, and carries forward these memories by making these Mezuzot live again in their original use.  The one pictured here is quite small, but is special since the casting was taken in what remains of the Warsaw Ghetto.  Each has the address where the casting was taken and comes with photos of the original impression.  There are many available, from many locations throughout the country in varying sizes.  Please inquire for more information and for Mezuzot from other locations in Poland.

◦ 0.5" x 3.5"
◦ Bronze
◦ Sizes vary

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